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Reading and Phonics

Reading and Phonics


Foundation Stage and Key Stage One 

In line with our whole-school Curriculum Intent Statement , we want our children to be inspired by Phonics provision which is meaningful, memorable and motivating. Our DFE-validated, complete systematic synthetic Phonics scheme (Supersonic Phonic Friends) is delivered daily to all children Reception to Y2.  This daily quality-first Phonics teaching follows a consistent teaching sequence, which is based upon the review, teach, practice, apply and review approach. 

To enable our children to 'keep up' rather than 'catch up', Phonics interventions are delivered to targeted children daily. Formal and informal assessments are regularly carried out to monitor progress, celebrate successes and identify areas to address. Where relevant in Key Stage 2, Phonics interventions take place following the same approach. 

In Reception, Key Stage 1 and – where appropriate – Key Stage 2, children are provided with a phonetically decodable home reading book which is linked to their Phonic phase, at the level most appropriate to each child to secure fluency and confidence in our early readers. All books correspond really well with our Supersonic Phonic Friends scheme. Once children are secure at Phonics, they are provided with a home reading book linked to their book band reading stage.


Reading in Key Stage Two  

In Key Stage Two most children are already becoming very confident readers; it is a love of books and a greater understanding of the text which has to be further developed. They will be encouraged to begin to read a wider variety of texts - from high-quality, timeless classic texts to new and exciting stories written by more modern authors, as well as even more sophisticated non-fiction genres. 

 Children in Key Stage Two will also take part in Guided Reading groups throughout the week and, if there is a need, on an individual basis. The main scheme used for this is  Pearson's 'Bug Club' resource. They will be working on their comprehension activities to develop deduction and inference skills as well as how to form their own views and ideas about the stories and texts they read. It is important that children of this age are still encouraged to read at home to ensure a proficient love of reading is carried on into adult life.


All of our children from Reception through to Year 6 have the opportunity to visit our library and take a book home. 

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Reading for pleasure!


At St. Gregory's  we believe that every child can enjoy reading. They just need to find the right book. On this page you will find 'Fifty Recommended Reads' lists for each year group. 


How many can you read at home?