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At St Gregory’s, the curriculum our children experience enables us to live out our Mission Slogan: Loving all, like Jesus, we flourish together. We aim to enable all our children to flourish, regardless of background or disposition by offering a rich and informed curriculum packed with opportunities for all our children to experience ‘life to the full’ (John 10:10).

In keeping with the rest of the curriculum at our school, the learning our children undertake in English enables them to continuously develop the Seven Skills of the Steward – attributes and attitudes which we believe will be essential so as to enable our children to thrive in the world of the future and help make ‘Thy Kingdom come’:


Team-working   †   Problem-solving   †   Creativity   †   Peace-making

Empathy   †   Resilience   †   Gratitude


We believe in providing a top-quality English curriculum that develops children’s ability to:

  • Read with fluency and accuracy whilst also enabling them to develop a life-long love of reading
  • Communicate their unique individuality and creative ideas with clarity and success when speaking and writing.

St Gregory's Long Term Plan

World Book Day 2024


This year we came to school in our pyjamas to celebrate World Book Day. We had stories and hot chocolate. We had a whole school competition to use a wooden spoon or a paper plate to create our favourite book characters. These are going to be displayed in our school library. Take a look at our pictures below! 

World Book Day Winners 2024!

World Book Day Winners 2023!

World Book Day 2022!

This year as a whole school we read the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. Each class produced writing connected to the story. Take a look at some of our writing below!

World Book Day Competition Winners!