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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! 😁


Our staff team consists of Mrs Nightingale, Mrs Wright, Mrs Natha and Mrs Ryan; Mrs Nightingale teaches Monday-Thursday and Mrs Wright teaches on a Friday. 


In Year 4, we work super hard, have a positive attitude, achieve our goals and have fun along the way! Our class' superskill is resilience and we try our best to promote this in and around school. We hope your child will have a happy, exciting and productive year. 


Our curriculum ensures we have a wide variety of ways to help make our childrens’ experiences meaningful, motivating and memorable. Here are a few of the exciting topics to look forward to:


Humanities In Humanities we will learn about one of the earliest civilisations The Ancient Egyptians, we will learn about Litter and Recycling, and even learn all about The Great Plague and much more!


RE Over the course of the year we will learn about The Bible, how we can put our Trust in God, about Jesus the Teacher and Jesus the Saviour, we then move onto learning about The Early Christians and The Church in the summer term. Every week, in groups, the children will plan and deliver a Prayer and Liturgy session to the rest of the class. 


Science We will be learning about  electricity, sound, teeth, eating and digestion, states of matter, animal classification and food chains! We will make links to Art and Design Technology throughout our learning journey. 


Maths During lessons, we promote an understanding of concepts, using concrete resources to support the children in their learning.  We also focus on mental strategies and written calculations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Being able to complete calculations enables the children to use their knowledge and skills to solve real life problems. Learning our times tables through regular practice at home and in school is highly valued and promoted! Times tables is a huge focus in Year 4. It is expected that children should also know all their 12 times tables by the end of Year 4 so it is vital that they practise them in preparation for our Multiplication Check and also to help our mathematics skills as times tables are in everything we do! 


English We foster a love of reading through whole class participation. Some examples of the books we read include The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber, The Firework-Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman, The Balaclava Boys by George Layton and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by CS Lewis. We use these books to extend the children's vocabulary and develop their communication skills by answering questions about what they have read. We also look at poetry related to our term theme like The Water Dance by Thomas Lockerter and 'Who Knows?' By Emily AshThis learning also feeds into developing writing skills analysing techniques used by the authors and emphasising the importance of spelling rules, punctuation and grammar. In addition, we develop understanding, knowledge and skills in all other subjects through a variety of fun and exciting teaching and learning activities.


Reading Reading is the key to learning! We highly recommend that you read with your child as often as possible. Getting your child to read aloud to you and discussing books is vital to develop fluency and comprehension skills. To enable us to check how often your child is reading at home, please sign their reading record each time you read with them. They will need to bring in their reading record in daily and on a Monday and Friday there is an opportunity for books to be changed; there is no expectation that they must change their books twice a week if a book is not yet finished.  What is important is that children have opportunities to read fluently and with understanding. 


Homework In Year 4 the main focus for homework will be regular reading, practising spellings and learning the times tables (play on Maths Shed as often as possible!) ready for their multiplication check in June. Your child will receive a physical sheet of Maths or English work every week relevant to the class learning which will need to be handed in weekly. In addition, they will receive spelling homework to be completed on Spelling Shed, along with reading - please encourage your child to read daily, question them about what they have read and ensure they understand any new words. Diaries will be checked weekly, to ensure that they have read at home and are up to date with their reading.


PE Children will have PE every Tuesday and Wednesday and come into school in their full PE kits. Swimming will commence at the end of the Autumn term.  (Children can come into school wearing their PE kit, please ensure this follows our uniform policy).


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either of us via class dojo or in person. We are happy to help. 👍🏼


We look forward to working with your children this year and thoroughly hope they enjoy their time in Year 4! 


The Year 4 team! 

Times Table Songs

KS2 recommended websites

Summer 1 - In History we ended our unit of study on The Roman's by using our shields to perform tactic drills. We had great fun!

Spring 2 - problem solving, creating electrical circuits, role playing key events in RE and World Book Day; a very busy half term!

Spring 2: 

As part of Year 4's involvement with the Lancashire Magic Festival we visited Judges' Lodges in Lancaster.  Nestled below Lancaster Castle, the Judges' Lodgings dates back nearly 400 years on a site that has been at the centre of Lancaster's history for nearly 2000 years. The current house was built around 1625 by Thomas Covell, Keeper of the Castle and famous for locking up the Pendle Witches during the infamous Lancashire Witch Trials. From 1826 the house became a lodgings for the travelling 'Red Judges' of the Assizes Courts. Dressed in their scarlet robes, the Judges decided the fate of murderers, forgers and highwaymen at Lancaster Castle. Today the house is home to beautiful Georgian furniture by Gillows of Lancaster, elegant period rooms and the popular Museum of Childhood.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and gained inspiration for their upcoming Magic Show!

Spring 1 - We have been busy creating gymnastics sequences, using book creator, creating sling shot cars and much more!

What are we up to?

Autumn Term!

Year 4 are very proud to have been selected to be part of the Lancashire Magic Festival programme this year. We have had a visit from David, Russ and John to tell us all about the programme. We took our Magic oath and began our journey of learning the art of MAGIC!

In History we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian's and how the River Nile played an important role in their achievements. We had a visit from Mr Warrell, the children were able to interact with a model of The Nile, play Ancient Egyptian games, look at artefacts and discover what they were used for, grind flour and make a Scarab beetle. They had a great afternoon!

In English, we have composed actions to represent the storm from Mousehole Cat....

Well done to all our children who stood forward for Year 4 School Councilors - fantastic speeches by all...

In RE, we have been working hard to explore the Bible and explore the meaning behind some of the stories in the Old and New Testament!