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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! 


In this class you will find Mrs Wright (Class teacher), Mrs Polli (Class teaching assistant), Mrs Chamberlain (Friday’s class teacher) and Mrs Yates (1:1 Teaching Assistant) all working alongside co-operative and dedicated children. 


Year 6 is always a busy and lively classroom, with lots of learning taking place. Succeeding in Year 6 means that everyone must always try their best and have a positive attitude to learning. In Year 6 we aim to make learning 'Meaningful, Motivating and Memorable'.  We fully believe in teaching and preparing children for their future; we have recently launched 'The Seven Skills of the Stewards' to aid us with preparing the children for the future.  Focusing on skills such as resilience, gratitude, empathy, peace-making, problem-solving, team-working and creativity in our every day teaching and learning.


As responsible Year 6's, one of the children’s jobs is to be a ‘buddy’ to the Reception class children, this is a valuable role that all children take very seriously and adore to do. Year 6 have various other jobs throughout the school; they are very responsible and trustworthy children who can be relied upon to carry out jobs efficiently. 


In the autumn term, Year 6's PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday (Don’t forget your kits!). In addition to PE, in school time there are also a number of after school clubs that children can attend, such as Netball and football club. 


The pupils plan and deliver, in groups of three, a prayer and liturgy session every Thursday and Friday; they know in advance when they will be delivering the session to the rest of the class. 


Homework is taken very seriously in every class at St Gregory’s and especially so in Year 6 as this is the year that children will complete the Key Stage 2 SATs; this requires the children to work very hard all year. Homework is currently given out every Wednesday (returned to school on Thursday) and every Thursday (returned to school on Friday). In the run-up to SATs additional homework and revision (using Study Books and recommended Internet Sites) will be given out accordingly. It is also expected that each child is listened to read, at home with an adult, at least once a week; reading diaries are collected every Monday to check this. We have introduced a new spelling programme throughout the school called 'Spelling Shed', please encourage your child to regularly access this at home. 


We'll have a great year and make lots of memories along the way!


Mrs Wright, Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Polli and Mrs Yates

Y6 Reading Passport

Here you will find some great books to challenge and interest you!  Don't forget to come and tell me when you've read a book so I can quiz you about it and stamp your passport!

Good luck and enjoy!


Y6 Reading Passport

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