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Along with other areas of the curriculum (such as RE, PE, DT, Science and assemblies/liturgies), through HRSE, children will take part in engaging learning experiences covering – amongst other things:

  • What constitutes healthy, respectful, appropriate and safe relationships with families, friends and the wider community
  • The importance of developing good mental health as well as physical health and fitness and how to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • How the love God our Father has for each and every one of us encourages us towards a healthy sense of self-worth for our own personhood and our body as well as a fundamental respect for that of others
  • How to enjoy successfully navigating and interacting with the online world and media
  • What to do if they are concerned about anything to do with any of the above in relation to themselves or others.

HRSE overview including EYFS

Topics Overview (Y1-Y6)

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