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Early Help at St Gregory's

Making a Referral to Children's Social Care

Managing Allegations - referring to the LADO

Children's work from Friendship Week 2022 linked to anti-bullying, tolerance and who to talk to if you have concerns ...

Operation Encompass


At St Gregory's we fully support the work of Operation Encompass to help break the cycle of Domestic Abuse.

The Operation Encompass lead at St Gregory’s is Mr M. Quigley (and Mrs G. Wright / Mrs S. Davies in his absence)

Andrew Hall 

Informed, up-to-date information and weekly bulletins about all things relating to safeguarding can be found on the Andrew Hall website:  

Prevent Staff and Governor Training January 2022

For more information about 'Prevent' or to make a referral about any form of extremism / terrorism ...


All Prevent Referrals:


For support, advice, training and all other enquiries relating to Prevent or Channel, please contact the Lancashire Prevent Team:

01254 585260


Channel advice and guidance


Lancashire Police Prevent Team: 01772 413398. If urgent call 999.


If you spot any stickers, graffiti or leaflets take a picture or report the location to


Please also CC your organisation’s Prevent Lead.

As a 'panel partner' of the Channel Duty, we follow the 'notice, check, share' approach advocated in the above guidance, passing on any concerns to the Prevent team if deemed necessary.