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Reception Starters 2020-2021

Letter for new parents 22.05.20

Reception Class 2019-20

Reception Class 2019-20 1

Welcome to Our Class! 


In Reception you will find the dedicated staff of Mrs Airey, Mrs Billington, and Mrs Ryan. We work together to ensure the children in our care have the best start in school. We encourage them to learn how to socialise, make friends and develop their personality. Our aim is to ensure all children have the opportunity to develop into independent, resilient learners with the important skills of reading, writing and number. 


Our class has many exciting things happening all of the time. The children have access to continuous provision where they are able to create and learn at their own speed using the resources provided for them. They are also guided within these areas by the teacher to develop their learning and also take part in small group work which caters for their needs. 


We like to develop a strong partnership with our parents as we find that this approach gives our children the very best start in their education. We therefore ask that children are supported at home in completing the homework that we will send home on a weekly basis. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's homework, please don't hesitate to come into school to talk to us. 


In Reception the children learn through a variety of exciting topics throughout the year, with lots of practical, motivating activities. Our aim is to give all our children a fun and memorable first year in school.  


We welcome all parents to come into class at anytime to talk about their child's progress or just to see what is going on.  

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