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Who's Who (Governors)

Foundation Governors


Father JM Agulefo: Priest in residence, Catholic Life of the School Governor

Mrs C Wallace: Chair of Governors, Safeguarding Governor, GDPR Governor, Pupil Premium Governor,  Online Safety Governor, Prevent Governor

Mrs S McGrath: EYFS Governor, Equality Governor

Mr S Sillitoe: Vice Chair of Governors, Year 1 Governor, Single Central Record Governor, Maths Governor, RE Curriculum Governor

Mrs C Yates (LA Governor): Year 2 Governor, Behaviour Governor

Mrs P Cairns: Year 3 Governor, English Governor

Mr D Rawsthorn: Year 4 Governor

Mr A Wareing: Year 5 Governor, Website Governor, PE Governor 

Mr J Hills:  Year 6 Governor


Parent Governors


Vacancy x2


Staff Governors


Mr M Quigley: Headteacher

Mrs G Wright: Deputy Headteacher

Mrs M Ryan: SEND Governor


Admissions Committee


Mr S Sillitoe (Chair)

Fr JM Agulefo

Mrs M Ryan


Curriculum Committee


Mrs P Cairns (Chair)

Mrs M Ryan

Mrs G Wright

Mrs S McGrath

Mrs C Yates

Mr M Quigley


Resources Committee


Mr S Sillitoe (Chair)

Mr J Hills

Mrs C Wallace

Mr D Rawsthorn

Mr M Quigley 


Appraisal/Pay Committee


Mrs C Wallace (Chair)

Mr S Silitoe

Mrs D Rawsthorn


Grievance & Pay Appeals Committee


Mr D Rawsthorn (Chair)

Mrs S McGrath

Mrs P Cairns


Pupil Welfare/Complaints Review Committee


Mrs C Wallace(Chair)

Mr J Hills

Mrs C Yates


Staff Discipline & Dismissal Committee


Mr S Sillitoe (Chair)

Mrs P Cairns

Mrs C Yates


Standards & Effectiveness Committee


Mrs C Wallace (Chair)

Mr S Sillitoe

Mr M Quigley



Terms of Reference for Curriculum and Resources Committees

Governor Terms of Office

Register of Interests