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Mission Statement

Loving all, like Jesus, we flourish together


Loving All

At St Gregory’s we strive to be a welcoming community which promotes equality of opportunity and treats everyone with equal respect and dignity, regardless of disposition or background. Mindful that we are all brothers and sisters of One Father, we look to follow Jesus’s call to ‘love one another’. We try to do this by selflessly serving and caring for others, particularly those less fortunate than ourselves. We look to promote the Gospel Values of compassion; empathy; tolerance; forgiveness; patience and peace in order to do this.


Like Jesus

We try to be like Jesus by: serving others; standing up for the oppressed; being always ready to forgive; loving everyone equally and endeavouring to be courageous enough to do the right thing, even though it is not always easy. We constantly refer to the role model of Jesus described in the Gospels so we can live out the Beatitudes and be merciful, gentle peace-makers who are hungry for what is right. This is how we can help to play our part in building the Kingdom of God.


We Flourish

We help each other to flourish by offering a broad and balanced, child-centred curriculum which develops a sense of vocation and nurtures the God-given talents of all the community for which the world is waiting. We look to grow academically, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally so every one of us can ‘have life and have it to the full’.



We look for any way we can to strengthen the bonds between all the different communities to which we belong: home; school; parish; local; national and global so as to fulfil Jesus’s wish that we ‘may all be one’. We help each other and we never leave anyone out because we realise we are so much happier and we achieve so much more when we work together.