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Mission Statement

Loving all, like Jesus, we flourish together


Loving All

At St Gregory’s we do our very best to welcome everyone into our school community with kindness and respect. We follow Jesus’s example of loving everyone equally whilst also showing the Gospel Values of compassion, forgiveness and peace.


Like Jesus

We try to help others, stand up for those who need our support (in life and online) and be always ready to forgive, even though these things are sometimes really hard to do!


We Flourish

We have loads of opportunities to discover and practice the unique talents that God has given us. This helps us to grow in our minds, in our hearts and in our relationships with others so we can be the very best versions of ourselves, now and in the future.



We try to make strong friendships with everyone we meet, both near and far; and we always aim to work as one big team and never leave anyone out, just like Jesus taught us.


New version of our Mission Statement, simplified and edited by all our children in September 2023