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Year 1

In Year 1 you will find Mrs Coolican (Class Teacher/ KS1 Leader), Mrs Ryan (Teaching assistant) and Mr Cooper (SSA). 


The children in Year 1 work exceptionally hard to apply the key skills they have learnt in EYFS and start to work with greater independence. We work very hard to develop our writing skills, initially focusing on finger spaces, capital letters and full stops before trying to write in different forms such as stories, instructions and recounts. 


Reading and phonics are key priorities in Year 1 as we prepare children for the Year 1 phonics screening test and develop their reading skills to go beyond word reading into comprehension skills discussing main characters, settings and events. Reading books are changed on Monday and Thursday and we urge all children to read regularly as this has a significant impact on their development in both reading and writing. 


In Mathematics we work hard to develop our counting skills, progressing to count in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s. We start to record our work more formally and apply our skills to problem solving. We also start to use standard units of measurement and name a greater range of both 2D and 3D shapes. 


Throughout Year 1 we do PE twice a week. This is currently on a Monday and Thursday but is subject to change so we ask that all PE kit remains in school and is clearly labelled. We also ask that all jumpers, cardigans, coats and other belongings are clearly named as this makes it easier to return them if misplaced. 


Homework is sent home every Friday and we ask for this to be handed in on a Monday morning. 

We work very hard to develop children’s independence in Year 1 so give them the responsibility of handing in homework, reading books etc. We also encourage our children to come to class by themselves as this helps to settle them into a calm, focused start to the day. 


Our ultimate aim however, is for children to enjoy coming to school and feel safe, happy and confident. We work hard to ensure that all children reach their full potential and develop as a whole person. 


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