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SMSC and Cultural Capital

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Provision

(leading to a 'great' amount of Cultural Capital)


At St Gregory's we look for as many ways as possible to enable all our 'flourish' and have 'life to the full'. The Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculum at our school is woven throughout everything we do. Through these experiences our children have opportunities to grow up being happy, healthy, well-rounded members of modern society who have a huge deposit of 'cultural capital' in their life experiences. 

SMSC and Cultural Capital Overview

‘United as one - Christianity and Islam’

by Year 3 - as part of Friendship Week Nov '22


In the deepest deeps of the human heart,

What separates Christian and Muslim?

Islam and Christianity?

Absolutely nothing. How could it?


God and Allah are everywhere,

As close as their souls, are our souls,

Together forever.


In the mosque or in the Church,

We are the people of God,

Living side by side.


We work together in peace and harmony,

We are all one big family,

United by God’s love.


The prophet Muhammad or the Holy Spirit?

Inside us all, we all have a bit of God

There to love and protect us.


We should be showing love to everyone,

Never betraying the words of God.

For side by side we live.


God’s mercifulness is keeping us all alive,

God is the light of the world and all seeing,

Close to us or far from us.


Written in the Bible or The Holy Qur’an,

These words are sacred and we must

Listen, act and respond.


In the deepest deeps of one single human heart,

rests enough love for the whole world,

               the whole Creation; who can measure that?