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Staff Info: Covid19

Hi all,

As you might have heard, overnight, Lancashire County Council have put out a statement advising against re-opening on Monday.

Please read the letter going out to parents tonight (below) which explains our position behind this. Basically, we can’t justify opening in the face of expert opinion.

This is frustrating, not least because of everyone’s great efforts to get things ready to be up and running.

Having said that, I would still like everyone to come in as planned to get things ready tomorrow  because we will be open some time soon I think – it’s not just yet – and it’d be a shame not to jump this final hurdle.

A new rota for the next 2 weeks will be sent out tomorrow, but, for now, please prepare to be in more than you have been perhaps over the last couple of months – we are getting more and more children needing to be in school.

Home-learning will continue as previous for now.


Hope you’re enjoying the sun!



Letter to Parents 28th May